Spoiler Free Review: House of Night: Awakened

Hey guys! I’m back with yet another House of Night book review! This will be the last full review for this review series. Next week, I’ll have a set of mini-reviews containing my thoughts on the last 4 books.

So, I know this probably seems rushed, and in all honesty, it is. I had a hard time putting together concise thoughts for this book, because I felt so many things and I needed to be vague and not spoil anything. This far into the series it gets kinda hard to tell each book apart, because the story moves so fast, and so many things happen in each book.

That being said, yes. This review is vague and rushed. I normally try to break it down a bit more but like I said above, I don’t want to ruin anything for anybody.




Title: Awakened

Series: House of Night

Book Number: 8

Authors: PC and Kristin Cast

Published: January, 2011 by St. Martin’s Griffin



Book 8. We’re so close to the end and yet it feels like it’s just the beginning. So many things have happened, and the characters are growing up. And my babies have just gone through so much.
This book is full of feels. There are some really significant events here that pave the way for the rest of the series. I know I’ve been saying that since book 1, but seriously. The events in book 8 set the stage for what is to come.
We have multi-POVs again, alternating between Zoey in 1st person, and the rest of the characters in 3rd person. We get to see inside the heads of several characters, a few of them being such heartbreaking scenes.
There’s sexy times in here, but I won’t tell you who. Let me just say that I’m okay with it. I’m more than okay with it.
Characters are maturing left and right, and throughout the book you’re really starting to see the toll that this Light vs Darkness battle is having on everyone. Especially Zoey and Stevie Rae. The really cool thing about this is that they’re starting to actually think like high priestesses, and Stevie Rae especially has some big decisions to make.
I actually get really frustrated at the very end of this book when the use of the “R” word comes into play. It’s brief, but still disappointing. Especially considering the entire series is full of an extremely diverse cast.

Overall I give book 8 a 4/5. I knock it down for the word usage, and for one other reason I can’t explain without spoiling.
The end is near, so let’s just keep on reading. We’re almost through!


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