Spoiler Free Review: House of Night: Hunted

Hello my little Fledglings! At this point in time, I feel comfortable calling you fledglings. You’ve stuck around this long, and you haven’t rejected the Change. We’ve just finished BOOK 5. Guys. We’re almost halfway done!
By now, you probably know why we’re here. But in case you don’t, let me catch you up real quick. The House of Night’s 10th anniversary is THIS YEAR! To celebrate, PC and Kristin Cast have given us a brand new book, with a brand new story! We’re being reunited with the old gang! So, before I read and review that, which Blackstone Audio was so kind to provide me with a review Copy of, I pledged to re-read and re-review every book in the series! I started reading them about a week ago, although by the time this review goes up, it’ll have been 4 weeks ago. I’ve been speeding through the series, and have to schedule my posts ahead! Anyways. This is the SPOILER FREE review for book 5 in the series, Hunted.
Why is it spoiler free this time? I’ll put it simply. As the series goes on, the storylines mush together, and since I’ve read the books so many times already (like 4 or 5 times total), I have a hard time keeping things straight in my head! I want to stay as spoiler free as possible, so I have to not talk about the big things at all. But don’t worry. I’ll eventually do a series overview/guide and explain everything in depth and talk about all of my thoughts and feelings, in video format.
With all that out of the way, let’s talk about the book!




Title: Hunted
Series: House of Night
Book Number: 5
Authors: PC and Kristin Cast


Hunted is book 5 in the series, so by now we’ve pretty much established what the big issues are and who most of the main characters are. In Untamed, we meet a few new characters (James Stark, and Sister Mary Angela), and we see them again in Hunted. They actually begin to show their roles, and you’ll get to know them better as the story progresses.
So in Hunted, we’re dealing with the aftermath of Kalona rising in Untamed. Zoey and her friends, and all of Tulsa, are in mortal danger. Like end of the world danger. And of course, it’s up to them to figure out how to fix everything.
Zoey is struggling with being the Chosen one, and also just when you think her boy problems have gone away, they come back full force.
We see even more character development in this book for Aphrodite, Zoey, and newcomer Stark. Aphrodite is not the bitch we thought she was, and Zoey definitely starts to show that she’s not so good under pressure and a lack of sleep. But then Stark, well, he’s Stark and you’ll see how that turns out.
Overall, Hunted is another favorite of mine in the series. Okay, I’ll be honest. Every book with Stark in it is my favorite. But this book is one of my top 3. So many things happen in such a short amount of time, and you just fly through the first 160-175 pages at least.
One thing I don’t like about this book is how rushed it seems. Literally everything important happens in the first 10 chapters. Then after that, you’re like “what’s next?” And then more shit happens and it’s like one thing after the other. There is no slowing down in Hunted.



Overall, I give this book 4.8/5. It’s really fast paced, but it’s also really important. This book is CRUCIAL to how the rest of the story plays out.
I hope I did alright with this non-spoiler review. Let me know what I can improve! It’s hard to do a non-spoiler book when you can’t distinguish what the big spoilers are.
As always, I want to say thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon!


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