Life Update: Summer Plans, School, and Explaining The Mysterious Countdown On This Website

Alright. It’s time I got to explaining. I have a confession. I am going to be away for the summer, and 95% of the content posted will be scheduled. So why? 

I got the most amazing opportunity to head back to the summer camp I went to as a kid! This time, as a staff member! I leave 2 weeks from today, and come home at the end of the second week in August. 
So what does that mean for this blog?

Well, it means that there will be pretty consistent content coming at you at least twice a week. Every Monday there will be a book review from my House of Night Countdown series. Wednesday will be Author in the Spotlight day, which is a brand new series that you’ll get to see starting May 31st! 

As for friday, I’m going to TRY to write up a little weekly summary of my adventures at camp. If I don’t have the time/energy to do that, I have created a brand new Instagram account which you can follow by clicking here. I’ll be posting at least one photo a day, to document my summer! 

So what am I going to do after I come back home? I’m currently a nanny, but my boss just switched from full time to part time, and will only need me for a day a week. So I’ll probably look for something, along the lines of a work from home job most likely. And I would like to go back to school, hopefully for the fall semester. 

Now to answer the question that 3 people have asked me on Snapchat. What is the mysterious Countdown at the bottom of this page? 
It’s a countdown to the day I leave for camp. It’s not really that mysterious, aside from the fact that I didn’t name it. I have another one on my phone. 

I’m really excited for the opportunity I have this summer! I can’t wait to share my adventures with you guys. 

Thanks for reading! 


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