What Happened When I Took Bookstagram Photos Outside

Well hey there! Welcome to my blog, and to this post, in particular. If you’re here to read all about my outdoor Bookstagram adventure, you’re in the right place. 

So yesterday, the weather was BEAUTIFUL for the first time in over a week. The sun was shining, the grass was dry, and it was in the 60s (F). I hadn’t posted any cute book photos to my Instagram in a while, so I decided to venture outside of my house to my backyard, and take some pictures! 

First, I went to my room and inspected my bookshelves. I decided on several books, and put them in a laundry basket to carry. Then, I realized I needed props, so I grabbed some props. Finally, I managed to get my sister (she’s newly 18, and doesn’t like hanging out with me because I’m a “nerd” (is that supposed to be an insult?)) to come with me, and sit in the sunroom while I did a shoot. 

I grabbed my basket of books and props, and we were off! 10 short steps from the kitchen to the sunroom, where I detoured and watered my plants. Then I got a chair for my sister, and opened the door, only to be greeted by a spiderweb. Thankfully, it was uninhabited at that particular moment. 

I brushed the spiderweb off of my face, after giving a very loud, very high pitched squeal, then attempted to regain my dignity by walking straight outside, and plopping myself into the grass. From there, it was a matter of deciding how many different “poses” I was going to do with my books, and of course, I needed mood music, so I put on Celtic Woman on my iPod. 

I spent a good 20 minutes arranging books, flattening specific pieces of grass, trimming weeds and cleaning up the general area, and taking pictures. Then, it was cleanup time. I took my time to carefully shake out the paperbacks, and brush through the hardcovers and clean off any dirt or grass. During this process, I discovered a spider that planned on living in my book and cohabitating with my bookshelf. I made my sister clean it off, and then I stood up, grabbed my things, and went inside. 

Once I put all of my books and props away, I had to go through and choose the best pictures, and crop and edit them. That took about 25 minutes. 

When all the editing was done, I finally posted them to Instagram! 

Overall, I spent about an hour and a half working on these pictures, and I’m really pleased with the results! 
I think this was my most successful Bookstagram adventure yet, and I can’t wait to set off to do more! 


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