Spoiler Free Review: Loving You With Teeth And Claws: A Dead Things Prequel

Hey, hey, party people! I’m here today, with a book review that isn’t related to the House of Night. 

Now, some of you surely know by now that my weakness is paranormal YA romance. So when I learned of the Dead Things series by Martina McAtee, I dove right in. I became immediately obsessed with the series. Then I got involved in her Facebook group, made some new friends, set the group on fire a few times, and here we are. 

The Dead Things series currently has 2 books, and a prequel. The prequel is what I’m here to talk about today. 

Title: Loving You With Teeth and Claws

Series: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things 

Book Number: 0.5 (Prequel)

Author: Martina McAtee

Published: May 2017, by 7 Sisters

Where to Buy: Amazon

Loving You With Teeth and Claws by Martina McAtee is the prequel to Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, and it takes place roughly 6 years before the events in the first book in the series. In it, we follow Isa McGowan, her little brother Rhys, Wren Davies, his adoptive daughter Neoma, and the rest of their pack. This is the story of how Wren and Isa meet, fall in love, and save the world. 

Just kidding. They don’t save the world. They totally could though. 

Let me just start by saying that every time I read a new piece of writing from Martina, I die a little inside. She has a way of just killing your soul piece by piece. It’s amazing. 

I went into this book with expectations and oh my lord, she exceeded them. I had sooo many questions after reading book 2 (Dark Dreams and Dead Things) and this prequel (affectionately known as LYWTAC because I’m lazy) answered almost every single one of them. 
One of my 2 favorite characters is the main focus of this book, despite it being the story of how Isa and Wren fall in love. Neoma is a 10 year old girl with a dark past, and throughout the book we learn exactly what she went through. My heart broke for Neoma, many times over. But Neoma is a really inspiring character, because if you jump back to DDDT (Book 2) she’s a happy, carefree girl, and she does a really great job of handling her emotions when It comes to the events of her past. 

We also get to take a look at Rhys, who is Isa’s brother. In book 1 (I don’t like the acronym for book 1), Rhys is a mysterious character. In book 2, he’s mysterious, but not AS mysterious. But here, in LYWTAC, we learn so much about him. I feel like I understand him better now, and why he is the way he is. 

As for Isa and Wren, and their love story. I’ll leave you to read that for yourselves. Oh, and bring an ice pack because it gets hot. 

Overall, I gave this book a 4.8/5. I’d give it a full 5, but I still have unanswered questions. I also can’t give it 5 stars because my Dead Things boyfriend didn’t have a place in it. I know. He’s not in the story because it wouldn’t make sense. But I have to knock off points because I love him and I miss reading about him. 

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! 


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