Book Review: House of Night: Chosen

What’s up party people? Did you enjoy your weekend? I know I did (probably, but I’m not sure, since I’m writing this post way in advance). Anyways.

If you don’t know, I was lucky enough to get an early copy of House of Night: Loved by PC & Kristin Cast, but in order to read it, I needed to re-read every single book in the original series so I get the full effect. So, what else could I do, but create a series of 12 book reviews (one for each book in the series) and post them over the coming weeks, as a sort of countdown to Loved??

Which by the way, is what I’m doing.

If you’re completely lost, let me catch you up. The House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast is a series about awesome vampyres with cool powers who have to fight evil and not die. There’s 12 books in the series, and this review is all about book 3. So, if you haven’t read books 1 or 2, skedaddle. If you’ve read books 1 and 2, but not book 3, stay for the non-spoiler section, and then skedaddle.

If you’ve read book 3, and want to read my spoilery overview and thoughts/rants/whatever happens next, stay for the whole post!

Now that we’ve gone over that, I’m going to shut up and move on to the actual review portion of this post.




Title: Chosen

Series: House of Night

Book Number: 3

Authors: PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Published: March, 2008 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Where to Buy: Barnes & NobleAmazonThriftbooksBook Depository



Non Spoiler Overview


First off, let me remind you that this is book 3 and if you don’t want to be confused, make sure you’ve read books 1 and 2.

So, lots of things happen in this book, but since this is the non-spoiler section, and I’m still really bad at not spoiling, I’m keeping this short and sweet.

People die and undie, and die in this book. Someone important is evil. There’s boy problems (I still think Zoey could totally PREVENT) 3/3 of her problems). There’s blood. There’s unlikely alliances. There’s hot guy vamp warriors.

I really, really like this book. Of all of the books, I’d say that book 3 is probably number 5 on my list when it comes to how much I like them. So ranking 5th in a 12 book series is not bad.

There are 2 things that really piss me off in this book, and I’ll go over that in my spoiler section, but let me just tell you this. This book is what makes or breaks the series for most people. If they make it through book 3 without quitting, then they generally read the rest of the series. But there’s something that happens in this book that turns people away from the rest of the series.

Overall I give Chosen a 4.3/5 rating. The story is really picking up the pace, there are new developments, and characters are beginning to show their true colors. The plot is thickening, and you’re starting to take sides, and overall, the writing is even improving. We start to recognize characters for their dialogue, we understand their motives, and we’re just learning more and more about them. So overall, I think that this book is great. BUT there is one event that I just don’t like. I think it was unnecessary in a way, but at the same time, totally necessary.

So, it’s up to you to read it, but I highly recommend. And don’t let the thing ruin your love of the series. Lots of people quit after book 3, but DON’T DO IT.



Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!


Yay for the spoiler section! I love this part of the review, because I can babble on and on incoherently, and then come back and edit it to sound nice.

Lets cut to the chase. Zoey is stupid in this book. She freaking sleeps with her teacher, and it pisses me off. I know she was being manipulated by Neferet and Loren, but it still makes me super mad.

I think Zoey has a good heart and I know she didn’t mean for anything to go that far with Loren Blake. Just like she didn’t mean for things to go that far with Heath. She just has a weakness when it comes to guys, and I don’t blame her.

Erik. Erik Night is an asshole, and I’m so glad I can finally talk about that. Yes, I get it that Zoey cheated on him, but the way he automatically turned 100% against her, even though he claimed that he loves her, was just awful. We see so much more of the possessive, egotistical Erik in this book, and I truly don’t like him.

Aphrodite on the other hand, is becoming an unlikely ally for Zoey, and though neither of them will admit it, a friend. Zoey and Aphrodite are working together to help save Stevie Rae from being undead, and Aphrodite goes out of her way to make sure Stevie Rae gets what she needs. This is a softer side of Aphrodite, and though she always immediately covers her tracks and pretends shes not trying to be nice, we know that she’s doing it because she wants to make up to Nyx for her wrongdoing. Aphrodite’s sacrifice in the end of the book is even more proof of that. She thought she was going to die, and she let it happen. She didn’t die though. She just became human, apparently.

NEFERET IS AN EVIL BITCH. I FINALLY GET TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN DEPTH. Neferet has been on my hate list since the very beginning of book 2, when she’s yelling at Aprhodite, saying that Nyx no longer loves her. But now we see that not only is she an evil bitch who lies about Aphrodite, she’s also an evil bitch controlling an army of undead vampyre fledglings.

Another huge thing that we should talk about is the deaths. The People of Faith (a religious cult of whom Zoey’s stepfather is an Elder), are KILLING vampyres. Professor Nolan was beheaded, and Loren Blake was gutted in the middle, and beheaded. This is terrible, and at the very end, Neferet seems to be declaring war on the human race. Uh oh.

Loren Blake. God. I never liked him, but now that he’s dead I’m not even the tiniest bit sad. He was an awful, manipulative person. The only significant thing I should mention is that when Zoey imprinted with him, it broke her imprint with Heath (FINALLY) and then when he was murdered by the People of Faith, Zoey became imprint free. So that’s good news.

Stevie Rae is back, and in this book she’s kinda awful, but she was able to restore her humanity with the help of Zoey and her friends, and Aphrodite’s sacrifice.

Speaking of Zoey’s friends, they’re really mad at her, and that is not good. At the very very end, Nyx issues a warning to Zoey.

Believe in yourself Daughter, and get ready for what is to come

That doesn’t sound good, and it doesn’t sound good especially now that Zoey is literally alone, with her cat. With only Aphrodite to defend her. And Aphrodite ran off to who knows where, because she’s human again and upset. I mean, I would be too.

But yeah. Now, Zoey is alone, and there’s a war coming, and all Zoey has in the end of book 3 is her cat.



That’s everything! Whew. I try to write these reviews as soon as I finish the book, so I don’t get confused. Now that I’ve written this, I’m going to go bother my dog for a while, and get started reading Untamed, which is book 4 in this series.

Thanks for reading! ❤


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