Book Review: House of Night: Betrayed



Hello friends! I’m back with another book review, for my House of Night Otherworlds Countdown series!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a HUGE House of Night fan, and an even bigger fan of the author herself, PC Cast. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with her books since 2008 when I read the Partholon series. Once I finished that series, my friend told me to read Marked, the first book in the HoN series, and my love for PC grew even more. I am total HoN trash. I am obsessed.

So, to count down to the brand new House of Night book, being published for the 10th anniversary of the series beginning, I pledged to re-read and re-review every single book in the series (13 full length novels and possibly the novellas), and then do a super special post for release day. And that, my darlings, is exactly what I’m going to do.

As always, I’ll break it up into 2 segments. I’ll give you a simple, non-spoilery overview, and then I’ll warn you when I’m going into the spoiler section. And trust me, the further into this series we get, the longer the spoiler sections are going to get.



Before I get started with the review, I want to tell you about a super cool app I just got! Its called Bookout, and it’s essentially a reading tracker, but you track in sessions like you would a workout. You add books to your shelf, and then when you’re reading a book, you start the session. You can pause to add quotes and thoughts about the book, and then when you end the session, it asks what page/percentage you’re on.

Once you’re all finished with the book you’ve been reading and tracking with Bookout, you can generate an infographic with all the data the app compiled about your reading habits.

To demonstrate, I used the app to track my reading for Betrayed! This is how it turned out.



Now that that’s out of the way, LETS DO THE REVIEW.



Also, a quick reminder. If you haven’t read book 1, you should probably do that before you read this review (even the non-spoiler section), because you won’t understand book 2’s review unless you’ve read book 1.


Title: Betrayed

Series: House of Night

Book Number: 2

Authors: PC Cast and Kristen Cast

Published: October, 2007 by St. Martin’s Griffin

Where to Buy: ThriftbooksAmazonBook DepositoryBarnes & Noble


Non Spoiler Overview


Betrayed picks up about a month after the events in book 1 (Marked). We see that Zoey is now the leader of the Dark Daughters, and is trying to come up with the new membership requirements, so she’s struggling to come up with something that is right. That’s one of her problems, but they get more complicated. I can’t go into detail without spoiling, but let’s just say boys. Boys are the root of her second biggest problem. The third thing Zoey + friends have to deal with (mainly Zoey), is the disappearance of a couple of boys from Zoey’s old social circle. Boys who were friends with Heath (Zoey’s ex-almost-boyfriend).

When it comes to plot, the story definitely picks up a little bit in this book, but we’re still in the beginning of the discovery phase. Zoey and her friends are just beginning to realize that everything is not what it seems (*The Wizards of Waverly Place theme song just popped in my head as I wrote that), and that big things are coming, and possibly -almost certainly- bad things, are going to happen.

We see a lot more of Aphrodite, Heath, and even Erik in this book. Zoey’s friends discover some really cool things, and there are 2 scenes in the book that are heartbreaking. But don’t fret! Everything happens for a reason, especially in this book. We also get more cats, and even some horse time.

Overall, Betrayed is probably one of my least favorite books in the series, but it’s not bad, and I don’t really have any issues with it at all. Zoey’s boy problems bug me to no end, but I’m one of those people who gets mad at book boys until my OTP happens.

In the infographic I shared above, I rated this book a 4. That’s pretty accurate. I gave it a 4.25/5. It was good, it just wasn’t amazing, and it’s not my favorite from the series.

Now, overall, the series is amazing, and as a whole, I give it 5/5.





Okay. Let’s talk about Parent Night. One of the very first things that happens, is Parent Visitation Night. While every student at the House of Night is legally emancipated as soon as they begin the Change, and is eventually expected to cut ties with most of their human family, the students are 15 and 16 years old at the youngest, so of course they want to see their family. Plus, they don’t know if they’re going to live through the Change, and they want to keep in contact at least until they’re adult vampyres.

So, Zoey’s mom, Linda, and her husband John Heffer, and Zoey’s Grandma Redbird all come to visit. But as soon as John opens his mouth and says something disrespectful, Neferet bans him from entering the House of Night. Then Grandma Redbird had to leave too, because she drove Zoey’s car to drop it off, and had to leave with the Heffers. Zoey is embarrassed and sad about what happens with her family, so she goes to walk and calm down, but witnesses Aphrodite being yelled at and bullied by her own parents (one of which just happens to be the Mayor of Tulsa). When Zoey witnesses this, she begins to understand why Aphrodite acts the way she does.

Now speaking of Aphrodite, according to Neferet, Nyx has withdrawn her gift of prophecy and visions from Aphrodite, and her visions are now false. But when Zoey finds her having a vision in the courtyard, we discover that her visions are not false, and Nyx hasn’t withdrawn her gift (I mean, why would she? Nyx is a wonderful Goddess, and I don’t think she’d do that, even if Aphrodite has been a bitch). How do we know her visions aren’t false? Well let’s go over that real quick.

I always wonder if Aphrodite would have told Zoey about the vision if Zoey hadn’t witnessed it happening in the moment. I would hope so, because Grandma Redbird was the focus of the vision, and Aphrodite saw her die. She told Zoey everything she knew, and Zoey and her friends worked together to stop the event that would cause Grandma Redbird to die. They were skeptical at first, but when it was shown that the event that caused the accident was real, they believed her. Zoey’s friends still don’t trust her, but more happens in this book that makes Zoey start to rely on Aphrodite.

Now, I love Aphrodite. She is one of my favorite characters in this entire series. She’s the perfect balance of snarky bitch, and softy (you don’t see the softy often, but when you do, you know its sincere). We witness one of the softy moments later on in the book, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

Something really cool happens in Betrayed. Actually, 2 somethings. First, we get a new kid, who is Erik’s new roommate, and happens to be gay, and attracted to Damien. So Damien finally has a romance! Jack is such a cute character already, and I love him as the series progresses. The second something that happens, is affinities.

While setting up for Zoey’s first Dark Daughters ritual, Jack, Erik, and Damien discover that each of Zoey’s closest friends has an affinity for an element. Shawnee is Fire, Erin is Water, Damien is Air, and Stevie Rae is Earth. It’s so cool, and super exciting!

Let’s talk about Neferet. We found out that Zoey’s old friends were being kidnapped by dead-undead-vampyre fledglings, who have red markings instead of blue, and seem to have lost their humanity. And who’s behind it? NEFERET. Every single time I read this, I am shocked for about 20 seconds, and then I’m like “IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE”. Neferet is apparently creating an army or something, of undead fledglings.

Stevie Rae is one of them. Yep. Stevie Rae. This is the spoiler section, but *SPOILER ALERT* Stevie Rae DIES. I cry every time I read the scene where she dies. I was at work when I read it this time, and luckily, all the kids were still sleeping, so I didn’t have to explain the silent tears on my face. It was pathetic.

So Stevie Rae dies. Right after she gets her affinity for Earth. Then Zoey SEES HER as an undead fledgling.

Stevie Rae is an evil fledgling now, and she kidnaps Heath, and Zoey has to go rescue Heath. Then Stevie Rae says that she doesn’t want to be like the other evil fledglings, but she can’t help it, she doesn’t have any humanity, and she wants Zoey to never forget her.

One last thing to discuss.

Zoey and her boy problems. Now, in the book, she’s kinda sorta dating Erik, Heath is still pining over her, and there’s a new boy/man in the picture. Her teacher. She mentally struggles over it all, and I can settle it like this.

  1. Heath is an idiot. He’s really stupid. There’s no avoiding that fact. He keeps putting Zoey in danger and in emotional distress, and he KNOWS IT. But he’s so dumb, he doesn’t really acknowledge that he knows it. And he just keeps hurting Zoey. He’s also dumb. Did I mention he’s dumb? I mean I know he’s loved Zoey since forever, and he’d do anything for her, but maybe that “anything” needs to be leaving her alone and letting her move on with her life as a vampyre.
  2. Erik is hot. Erik is also very nice and a total dork. We also don’t know much about him, and I think we need more time for that.
  3. Loren Blake is her teacher. NOBODY SHOULD DATE THEIR TEACHER.

That’s pretty much everything for this book. SO MUCH HAPPENS in this book. But it’s still not my favorite. That’s just an overview of what happens. SO MUCH. I didn’t take as many notes as I planned, but in the upcoming reviews (for books 3-12) I’m just going to do a spoiler free review, and will discuss the spoilery details some other time.




Thank you so much for reading, and if you liked this, you should give it a star, and follow my blog for more content!



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