Spoiler Free Review: What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

What I Thought Was True is Huntley Fitzpatrick’s second novel, and as far as I’m concerned, her best novel. Even though I haven’t even read her third one yet. 

We follow a girl named Guinevere (Gwen for short), through her summer on a small island called Seashell. She grows up her entire life on the island, and as one of the elderly ladies residing there told her, there are no secrets on Seashell. 

Or so she thinks. 

Gwen has a reputation. She made a mistake with a boy named Cassidy Somers, and now, she’s paying for it. By seeing him every single day. 

She wants to hate him. But the more she gets to know Cass, the real Cass, the more she realizes that maybe things aren’t exactly the way she thought they were. 

Aside from Gwen’s personal relationship problems, we learn a lot about her family and friends as well. You will come to realize that although we always have a main protagonist narrating Huntley’s books, the supporting characters play much bigger roles than you’d expect. They’re complex and beautifully written. 

So what are my overall thoughts on this book? 

I have a new favorite summer read. It’s sexy, it’s romantic, it’s dramatic, it’s hilarious at time, and absolutely perfect. 

If you like contemporary romance, I highly recommend What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick!  

Minor content warning: sex plays a big role in this book.


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