Previously on xBelleoftheBooks, Welcome to My New Blog!

Well hey guys! I’m Lizzi and I’m back in the bloggerverse and ready for action! I took a couple of months off, but realizing I missed blogging a heck of a lot, I decided to come back. 

So you’re probably wondering what happened to Belle of the Books. Basically, I needed to switch over to WordPress, because it’s an easier platform to use for blogging. Its also easier to integrate my affiliate widgets and etsy mini shop into. 


So what’s new with me? The last I posted, I was just getting ready to start a new nanny job. I have been there for 3 months and absolutely love it! I’ve opened an etsy shop to sell my jewelry and crocheted items, and I’m preparing for my very first craft show! 

As for reading, during my first couple months of work, I didn’t read much. Now that I’ve adjusted to the schedule, and have a better grasp on time management, I’ve been reading about 1 book every 5-10 days. It’s pretty good considering my schedule is hectic, and I also spend a significant amount of time binging Netflix and making jewelry and hats. 


My blogging goals are pretty different this time around compared to the goals I’ve set in the past. I’ll explain them a little bit more in the bullet points below.

  • BOOKTUBE!!! Yes. I am actually going to follow through with Booktube this time. My goal right now is 1 video a week, available for viewing directly on my channel, and here on my blog. I’m not sure what days the videos will go up, but I’ll decide by the time my first video goes up. 
  • TBR- I suck at setting a tbr ahead of time and following through with it. The only time I ever follow through is when I receive an ARC and then I actually NEED to follow through. That being said, I will be setting tentative TBRs but they’re 99.9% subject to change. 
  • Posting Schedule. Right now I’m aiming for once a week on Sundays. This is definitely just the minimum goal. Inspiration tends to strike me at 3am during the week on work nights, so you’ll see me more than once a week for sure. 
  • Content. Tentatively, there will be 2 book reviews per month, 1 tag style post (or video), 1 recommendations post, and 1 or 2 bonus posts. I’ll also be continuing my Know Your Blogger series, and I do a monthly review/unboxing with Book Case Club, so you’ll see that. 

That’s pretty much it for now! I’m super excited to get back into blogging and hang out with you all again! 

Don’t forget to follow me, so you get to see my posts on your dashboard. Also, I’m on Instagram! @bedazzledbooklover (Etsy related account) and @bedazzledbookloverblog (personal/blogging account).

See ya! 


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