The Magic Is Dead: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, Non Spoiler Review

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I’m trying to think objectively and realize that half of the reason I’m so disappointed in this book is that Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood and I was really hoping to reignite the magic that made it so amazing to experience. But this book… I was really disappointed in it.

The characters are foreign and distant to me. There is no emotion, because it is in script form. There is no magic connection between you and the characters, because you don’t get an inside look at their thoughts and feelings. There is no “Albus was disappointed because blah blah blah, but he put on a brave face and went to do blah blah blah”. It’s just “Albus said this, Ginny said that. Crosses stage. Dances in circles. Hugs an elephant”. And it makes me sad because my favorite part of Harry Potter is the emotion. This book/play/script lacks that emotion.

Another thing is that the plot is just sooo dry and predictable. I was not surprised or on the edge of my seat at all during this read, and that’s unfortunate because in all the other HP books I was always waiting for the next plot twist, the next thing to happen unexpectedly.

You can tell that JK Rowling was not the only writer for this project. It’s like they scoured the Internet for fan fiction, mashed them all together, and put them in the form of a script. I was half expecting to have an appearance from Percy Jackson or Bella and Edward from Twilight.

Overall, I am really disappointed in this book.

And I’m really sad that the magic is dead.


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