Book Review: Lady Midnight: During Which I Shed Many A Tear

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Oh my G-O-S-H. Cassandra Clare, you have ripped my heart apart, sewn it back together, tossed it in the ocean, and then set it on fire. All in one book. See what I did there? Eh? Eh? Ok. So, Lady Midnight absolutely was my most anticipated read of 2016. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this book to come out. I pre-ordered it from Book Depository, and then it was DELAYED, so then I waited even longer. But when it came in the mail, you bet I squealed like a little girl at a One Direction concert. Yeah. I was fangirling THAT BAD.

But you’re dying to know, right? You need to know if Lady Midnight lived up to it’s expectations, or if it was a fabulous flop? I can promise you right now that it was AMAZING. FREAKING AMAZING. If you follow me on Twitter (@dizzylizzii), then you know that all throughout my 5 day journey back into the Shadow World, I have been fangirling, yelling, throwing gummy bears, etc, etc. because Lady Midnight is ALL ABOUT THE FEELS. Let me give you some basic background before I jump into the land of all things spoilery; which by the way, there will definitely be major spoilers in this review, but don’t worry I’m going to warn you!

Ok. So. Lady Midnight takes place 5 years after the events that occur in City of Heavenly Fire, although you can totally read LM without having read CoHF. You should probably have read The Infernal Devices, at least, because then you know how the Shadow World works. Anyways, LM takes place in sunny Los Angeles, where Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn (who are Parabatai) are raising Julian’s brothers and sisters, along with help from their tutor Diana. Emma is an orphan, and dead-set on finding out who killed her parents. Julian is also an orphan, and the past 5 years have forced him to grow up much more quickly than most teenage boys have to. At 17 years old, Emma and Julian are parents, best friends, brothers and sisters, and trying their best to hold their family together. But all of a sudden, they are asked to investigate some faerie murders, which is forbidden by the Clave. The only reason they are investigating is because the Faeries have something they want. Something important. Throughout the investigation, Emma and Julian discover a lot of secrets hidden amongst themselves, their family, and their entire institute. Not only are they fighting for themselves, but they are fighting for their family, and they have no idea what they are in for.


I am sorry that I can’t say anything more, but I feel like if I continue, I will give things away and you will hate me forever, and I don’t want that. So. Moving on, check out the photo below, and if you want to read my more spoilery review, SCROLL DOWN.

Yay! We made it through Lady Midnight and we’re still alive! But BARELY. Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s just start with the basics that I covered above.

The Faeries are giving Mark back to the Blackthorns! Kinda. I mean, they give him back in the end, but we don’t really know if he gets to stay or not, even though he did choose his family over the Hunt. Mark’s story is definitely an interesting one, and I can’t wait to find out more. I loved the passages about Kieran and Mark, and how they fell in love. Although in my opinion, Mark “loved” Kieran because he was all he had. I think that Mark basically just loves whoever he can because he doesn’t really have anybody.

Emma and Julian confessed their undying love for each other multiple times throughout LM, along with having some sexy times together, which is completely forbidden because they are parabatai. The Parabatai Curse that happens when 2 parabatai fall in love, would first strengthen them, then weaken their minds, and then they’d both go insane and kill the people they love. Emma knows that she has to convince Julian that she doesn’t love him. But the guy is ruthless! He’s so stubborn. Julian is really gentle, but dang, when he loves someone, he will do anything to protect them, but also anything to keep them close. Julian said before though, that if Emma and his brother Mark were ever together, he wouldn’t be able to bear it. Emma knows that the only way to save herself, and Julian, is to break his heart.

So in order to stop the curse, and get Julian to un-love her, she calls in her favor from Mark, which is that they pretend to be dating, and that they pretend to be falling in love. She says they have to convince the whole family, and anybody who asks. They have to make it believable. Which brings me to the very last page of LM where MARK IS ABOUT TO KISS EMMA. WHAT?! I honestly had no idea what to think about that at first. But now, I think it could WORK. I do not ship Mark and Emma though. I also don’t ship Julian and Emma. They have a parabatai bond, but I don’t think they’re really couple material. It would be like Jem and Will (TID) being a couple. It just doesn’t seem right.

So that’s the big secret between Emma and Jules, and it explains why the book was so heavily focused on the parabatai bonds between the characters. While we’re on the subject of parabatai, let’s talk about the twins.  It really broke my heart that Ty didn’t want to be Livvy’s parabatai, because he wants to train to be a Centurion. The fact that Ty depends so much on Livvy, but also feels that he could leave her to be a Centurion, is kind of heartbreaking. Livvy wants her brother to be her parabatai so much, because she wants his promise that he won’t ever leave her. But he refuses because he knows that he WANTS to leave her someday.

Tiberius is definitely a character that I would enjoy getting to know more, along with Livvy. I would definitely like to read something that focuses on Ty and Livvy, and I can’t wait to see if Ty changes his mind in the next book. It’s definitely a possibility, now that Ty’s fighting skills have been recognized, but I’m not too sure that he’s willing to give up his study skills for the lifetime of fighting side by side with his sister.

We’ve covered the bonds between the main characters pretty well, but we haven’t really gotten into the second main premise of the story. The murder investigations. This is where it gets confusing, frustrating, and downright annoying at times. Every time the kids hit a lead in their investigation, something went wrong. Then, when they finally figure things out, THEIR FRIEND kidnaps their baby brother, and TRIES TO KILL HIM in a necromantic sacrifice so he can raise his dead girlfriend back to life. UM???

I honest to god never suspected Malcolm Fade of anything. If anybody, I suspected Arthur Blackthorn, because he was always kinda crazy and never made any sense. I thought maybe he was FAKING his crazy, and was actually behind the murders. My second suspect was Diana, because she has a LOT of secrets, and the only thing that was alluded to was something about a mundane nurse? Is Diana a mundane or something? I don’t know. But seriously, back to Malcolm. HE TRIED TO KILL TAVVY.

HOW DARE HE. Malcolm Fade, High Warlock of Los Angeles, is a crazy murderer who plotted against the Blackthorn CHILDREN, because of something that happened to his lover over 200 years before. Oookay? So he’s a nutjob. I knew he was weird, because most warlocks are a little eccentric, but Malcolm just skydived past strange, and has plunged into the ocean of absolute insanity. Literally. Because he’s dead.

Emma killed him, because he was the man who killed her parents. He tested out his necromancy spell on her parents, they died, and he failed. But she got her revenge, and I’m not normally one for revenge, but I am proud of her. She didn’t just get revenge, she got justice.

Also, Jace, Clary, Magnus, Jem, and Tessa all make appearances throughout the story, which is an added bonus. Jace and Magnus are literally the same. Clary has matured, and you can tell that she has that motherly instinct for Emma. Jem is still wise, and my future husband, although he seems to have adapted to modern life pretty well. I wonder if he’s immortal because of the heavenly fire un-silent-brothering him? Or is he going to grow old, and will Tessa be alone again? Ugh. I need more Jem stories. Now. Oh, and Tessa, well Tessa and Jem are together, I think. It wasn’t made very clear. But hopefully we will see more of them in the next TDA book.



Now, moving on to the bonus short story, which is also very spoilery, but not really because I’m only going to say one thing.

Double wedding. It needs to happen.

So, Shadowhunters, Downworlders, and Mundanes. Lady Midnight was a crazy ride, and I’m definitely happy with it. I give it 5 super sparkly roses, because it was THAT AWESOME.

Now all we have to do is wait for the first installment of The Last Hours, which follows Will & Tessa’s kids. And Lord of Shadows which comes out NEXT SPRING. Ahhh. Suspense will kill me, I’m telling you, it will.


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